Officials in Washington are seeking proposals from pharma companies for a “winner take all” hep C procurement deal

It’s not just Louisiana working to tackle hepatitis C by purchasing drugs in a novel way. Officials in Washington are taking that state’s Netflix-style subscription model and upping the ante with a winner-take-all contract.

And Washington plans to put its purchasing power to work, too, aiming to trade its statewide business for bargain pricing. In the “winner take all” deal, Washington would pay a flat fee to open up hep C treatment across four state agencies, including all of its Medicaid beneficiaries and prisoners, and employees covered by the state health plan.

In a request for proposals, Washington asked that bidders include details on outreach and screening as well as drug pricing. The winning deal could be worth about $600 million, given a price of $20,000 per drug course, Bernstein analyst Ronny Gal wrote in a Monday note. About 30,000 patients would have access to treatment through the initiative.  

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