The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases with the Infectious Diseases Society of America has produce a comprehensive guide for hepatitis C care from Testing and Screening through Monitoring and Treatment.


  • Welcome and Methods
  • Evaluate, Test, Monitor
  • Treatment-Naive
  • Treatment-Experienced
  • Unique Populations
  • References

Navigate the full report at:

The American Academy of HIV Medicine established an Institute for Hepatitis C in response to high rates of hepatitis C in the current population being served. 

This resource covers:

  • HCV Facts
  • HCV Clinical Guidelines
  • HCV Testing & Screening
  • Resource Newsletter
  • Policy Issues
  • HCV Provider Referrals

Download the new American College of Physicians and AAHIVM Guide to Hepatitis C Testing

Access this online tool:

The University of Liverpool has developed an online tool for checking drug interactions with hepatitis C medications.

Try out the tool here:

Guidance from the Philadelphia Health Department on screening for perinatal hepatitis C is available for download here. For more information on vertical transmission of Hepatitis C, please contact the Philadelphia Health Department’s Perinatal Hepatitis C Coordinator, Emily Waterman, at