"We believe Philadelphia can be the first city to eliminate Hep C - I believe that to my core. We need to be voting, we need to be asking our local government officials to provide resources." ~Stacey Trooskin

     This was just one of the powerful statements Stacey Trooskin made in her interview with The Philadelphia Citizen. On August 20, Trooskin was highlighted as Philadelphia Citizen of the Week for her continued dedication to eradicating hepatitis C in Philadelphia. 

     In addition to being the Community Co-Chair for HepCAP, Trooskin is an infectious disease physician at Penn, and also oversees two different programs. One program, called C a Difference, is at Philadelphia FIGHT. The program partners with recovery centers around the city to ensure patients receive both antibody and confirmatory testing for hepatitis C, and sees infected patients through to cure. The other program is called C Change, and works directly with Prevention Point and other state-designated centers of excellence, to try to test as many people as possible for hepatitis C. 

     Trooskin has advocated for changes in the legal landscape, and has worked to knock down political and financial barriers that make it difficult for vulnerable populations to seek treatment for hepatitis C. She has been an active participant in grassroots efforts to bring testing and treatment to clinically undeserved populations for over a decade. 

     You can read more about Trooskin’s career and the work HepCAP is doing to eliminate hepatitis in Phladelphia here!  

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