Although 124 countries now have national plans for viral hepatitis elimination, 42% of plans have no domestic funding. The United States lags behind in this estimation of the year countries will achieve the World Health Organization elimination target.

From Infohep:

  • Most countries will struggle to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030 due to lack of investment and political will, missing an internationally agreed target set by the World Health Organization, The International Liver Congress in Vienna heard earlier this month.


  • Of 45 high-income countries and territories, 30 were projected to not eliminate HCV before 2050
  • Nine (Australia, France, Iceland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) were on track towards eliminating HCV by 2030
  • Three (Austria, Germany, and Malta) were projected to eliminate HCV by 2040, and three more (Ireland, the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia) by 2050
  • The number of high-income countries and territories that failed to meet each WHO target for HCV elimination was: 34 (incidence), 30 (mortality), 20 (diagnosis), and 26 (treatment)”
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