We’ve just released an updated Training Manual for Treatment Activists: Hepatitis C and HIV Coinfection.

The purpose of this Training Manual is to provide information for you and your community. This information can be used to advocate for access to prevention and diagnosis of, and care and treatment for, the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

The manual is written by and for people who are not medical specialists. We’re treatment activists who learned about HCV because it was a problem for people in our communities.

The primary goals of the Manual are to increase advocates’ knowledge about available HCV tests and treatments and to jumpstart discussions on advocacy strategies that can be used to open up affordable access for more people with HCV.

We designed it to help you understand basic information about HCV and coinfection with HIV, from how it’s transmitted and how to prevent HCV, to what happens to both HIV-negative and HIV-positive people who have HCV, and other information used for making treatment decisions.

This Training Manual is organized into short sections, and each section can be presented and shared by a trainer or peer educator with a small group of people in one to two hours.  There are discussion points and action steps at the end of each section, and we hope both of these start conversations about finding solutions together.

Full details about the Training Manual, and the downloadable PDF are available here on the TAG website. If you have any comments or suggestions for future HCV materials, please email Bryn Gay, (bryn.gay@treatmentactiongroup.org).